New Project: Brave Eduardo

Hello! It has been awhile…not really.

We are here to announce our next project: Brave Eduardo! We’ve had this idea for a couple months before Mirablade was released. We weren’t sure if we were able to pull it through since John (me)’s ability to draw is EXTREMELY questionable. This game is supposed to be completely hand drawn. We already have a legendary musician carrying the burden, but 1 man can’t do everything.

Thankfully, John can kinda draw. Phew. although he does tries too hard...

Brave Eduardo is a smaller scaled and slow-paced adventure game that focuses on exploration. While this description has been used to death, we really focused on exploration. What does that mean? The destination means very little. While there will be proses akin to children’s story scattered throughout the world, there is little urgency to actually complete the main goal. The player will be focused on finding food materials to cook in order to grow stronger (i.e. increase maximum stamina). Everything costs stamina so the more you eat, the longer you can do whatever action it is!

Anyhow, we have submitted the game to various conventions and we are already passionately accepted by Minefaire (see you guys around soon! You guys are the best) and hopefully other places (east coast?).

We disappeared for a month to finish a playable demo and while we can’t release that publicly yet, here is an uncut video recording of the game:

We are burnt at this point, so we will take a couple days off and jump right back into development!



John Wang