Available on iOS and Android

Craft swords, engage in combat, collect accessories and help Vela retrieve the Godly Sword Ivald!

Your title as God of Lavinia is at stake. Craft and customize swords so your summoned heroes can demolish all those who are stopping you from getting Ivald pieces back. Obtain unique powers from your crafted swords and accessories to slice enemies down in fast-paced hack and slash gameplay. However, beware! Enemies also have a slew of abilities that will require dexterity and a fast reaction time to evade.

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Mirablade wants to change the mobile RPG genre

If you get stuck in the game, you can purchase energy to power your sword. Energy purchasing is a one-time in-app purchase in Mirablade that is the basic currency for many services. These include infusing swords, purchasing stamina refill, and pulling from the Chalice for sword vanity, rings, amulets and characters. Of course, you will also be able to earn Energy just by playing the game! If all of that is too P2W for you, check out the traders!

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fast paced, single finger, in depth, combat system!

Taking inspiration from various games, we’ve realized Mirablade needed its own control scheme. We recognized how boring and passive mobile games are so we’ve decided to do the exact opposite: reward players with dexterous fingers to a thrilling and hectic combat. Rarely do one find some much satisfaction mauling hordes of goblins.

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You got to work for your sword

The ability to forge swords to your liking is a main feature of Mirablade. After selecting the sword vanity, it is up to the player to craft a powerful sword by scoring high in the mini game. The mini game itself also takes a lot of skill and planning while rewarding those who are patient. You can also share your sword with your friend so both of you can enjoy the long expedition together!