A new kind of content

While the Itna Heroes were kind of a clear enemy, they werent there throughout the story. That is exactly how we planned it originally, but we want something more interesting.

We thought about it and we realized this is a chance where we can distinguish ourselves away from those “normal” mobile games.

Mirablade might not be as lucrative (we need to work on our monetary gain model lol), but it is one of our best games we’ve ever made. So many years have been poured into this project, we want to leave a bigger impact on the gaming world. 4 people made an online mobile game, but that isn’t the headline we want to leave on.

Long story short, this upcoming content patch is one of our attempts to help us standout in a flooded market, and we are, as usual, pouring our hearts into this.

Be wary of the sun.



John Wang