Earlier Projects

Like most other game developers, we’ve failed multiple projects. Here is a small collage of all the ones that have failed or removed from store after awhile! Here are a couple more noteworthy projects. (Those that are more presentable!)

Dream Arena 2.0 update or Dream Arena 2.png

Dream Arena (2011)

Dream Arena was our first released title. After the failure of Cliche, Dhruv and John were so frustrated that they’ve decided to write out a game design document and finish the game in 1 month. They were successful and Dream Arena was born. Dream Arena was a 2d side scrolling arena game where players get to fight each other with champions equipped with thousands of different items, including swords, armors, hats, and pets. The game was extremely fun to work on and the team had a blast playing blue-tooth co-op with each other. There were some bugs with how the physics synced and the game had to be removed when the iPhone 5’s new aspect ratio was released. Although the game is no longer on the AppStore, it was through Mirablade that Dot Dream gained the interest of Matt Fan Chiang, our amazing musician. Figuratively speaking, Dream Arena collected our soul.

Cliche ep 1 poster.png

Cliche (2010)

Cliche was Dot Dream’s very first game. During the summer after John’s high school prom, John and Dhruv got together at a local Starbucks. They originally planned on working on a card game John designed and created awhile back. However, due to Cocos 2D’s limitation, they’ve decided to work on a 2D side scrolling stealth game, inspired by Thief: Deadly Shadow. A year of work went into the game. John sacrificed his freshman year in college while Dhruv sacrificed his remaining High School years working on a huge rpg. Henry Zelar, main character of the game, was a thief that was unwillingly pulled into a village’s trouble. Zelar would have to avoid detection, explore catacombs, steal from castles, and combat the plague known as The Brand. The game featured a stealth mechanic, ways to distract guards, alert system, and many more. Unfortunately, being their first game, Dot Dream’s knowledge in game design was extremely limited. On top of that, they were way to ambitious, resulting in an incomplete project as collaborator’s pulled out a year later. At that point, they’ve decided it was probably a good idea to plan out their game before hand.


Bit Pet (2017)

Bit Pet was a small game created while John was trapped in Texas while Dhruv was planning to ditch the team and go work at Google. The game was heavily inspired by Digimon Tamagotchi of the olden days. After experimenting with several art styles, the team decided that 8bit would be appropriate for the game. While small in scale, the game was not as interesting as they originally thought. The project was placed into the ice box soon after. Perhaps it will return, just like the upcoming game: Ghoul Knight.